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How often does the search engine update?

PapersHive upates daily and new data is added constantly: publications, clinical trials and patents. If you do not find a specific publication, you can add it to your collection by importing it or contacting us at [email protected]

Is there a way to create advanced search strategies?

You, you can create complex advanced strategies by following our full guide about syntax and operators. You can also use the automatically generated keywords by performing searches

How are the keywords (search strategies) extracted?

In the main search, the keywords are extracted by analysing the correlation of the concept in titles and abstracts and by grouping their counting.

Inside collections the process is the same, but it is performed on full-text search and not only on title and abstract.

How good is your relevancy?

Relevancy is constantly tested with different algorithms and we strive to give you the best results. At the same time you are perfectly free to keep using your favorite search engine (PubMed, Google Scholar, Web of Science, etc) as we perfectly integrate with all of them

Which sources does PapersHive include?

PubMed, MedLine, preprints such as Arxiv, BioRxiv, MedRxiv, and ChemRxiv and much more.

You can check the full list of publishers and journals. We strive to include all journals and publishers.

How do you deal with closed access publications?

PapersHive cannot get the full-text of closed-access publications. As any other reference maanger software, it relies on your licenses and findings when it comes to close-publications. If you have access to those full-texts, you can easily upload them into our Reference Manager and make them searchable.

I have my whole library on another Reference Manager or device. What is the fastest way to get started?

You can import your library directly into PapersHive from anywhere as long as the format is supported. Check Integrations. If your case is not covered, please contact us!

Can I save my searches?

Yes, you can save queries. Check saving queries

Do I get an update when new publications that matches my interests?

Yes, you can save queries and monitor them daily, weekly or monthly. Check monitoring and alerting

Do you support other languages?

Currently we support English and German. If you would like to see other languages, please contact us!

Does PapersHive run only on Browser?

Yes, as Papershive is intended as a SaaS application in order to be highly available from anywhere and anytime without installations.

If I buy a subscription, will I get support?

Yes, you will. By purchasing a license you get personalized support in form of video-meetings, calls and emails for you and your team. Suggestions and feedback are always welcome and will be prioritized.

Can I get a free trial?

Yes, you can. Just contact us!