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Getting Started

PapersHive is an all-in-one platform for search, analysis, reference management, monitoring and reporting. This guide helps you to get started with the platform, and explains the different aspects of the service.

PapersHive getting started

1. Do Some Searchers

Start your PapersHive journey by performing some searches, Read about the Search Engine Here. To get more out of your search, you will notice the keyword-analysis to your right, Read about the Keyword Analysis Here.

2. Set up Query Alerts / Monitoring

Once you have some queries you can set up monitoring for them. Read more about Query Monitoring Here.

3. Save Articles

You can save articles to collections that you can save with collegues. Inside of a collection you can continue the analysis, you can read and annotate PDF documents and tag interesting articles. Read about the Reference Manager Here.

4. Write articles in MS Word

The PapersHive for MS Word Add-In allows you to insert references directly into your document, and builds the bibliography for you. Read about PapersHive for MS Word Here.