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Reference Manager


You can add comments to your articles. Simply click the Add comment button and the comments view will be displayed.

The top comment is a comment added from this view, and the bottom comment is added through making an annotation in the associated PDF-document.

Comments Collection View


Everything you write is treated as confidential information and it is not accessible from the outside.

PDF Viewer

PapersHive has a PDF viewer where you can directly read or annotate in the PDF-documents you have in your collection.

You can see that an article has a PDF associated to it by the PDF-icon at the top left corner.


If an article does not have a PDF, you can still add it through uploading it and attaching it to the entry. See Integrations for more.

Two ways to open the PDF-viewer

There are two ways to navigate to the PDF viewer.

  1. Click the PDF-icon.
  2. Click the highlighted text of the PDF-annotation and the PDF-view will be opened and scroll to the highlighted section.

Comments Open PDF view

The PDF view where the highlighted section has been scrolled to.

PDF view scrolled to highlight

Adding a highlight / annotation

To add a highlight or annotation you simply select the text you want to highlight and a Add annotation button will appear.

PDF view scrolled to highlight

After clicking the button a modal opens an you can write a comment.

PDF view scrolled to highlight