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Filters and Keywords

Your collection might consist of hundreds or thousands of papers. This is where filtering and keywords comes quite handy.

You can either add a keyword to a single article or through first selection multiple articles.

Open Add Keyword

Add Keyword to Single Article

Click Add Keyword in the lower right corner of an article card, and a keyword menu will open. You can select a keyword that already exists, or click new keyword to create a new keyword.

Add Keyword To Article

Create new Keyword

To create a new Keyword type a the name of the keyword and selct the color you want the keyword to have. This can be edited lated by clicking the pen icon to the right of a keyword.

Create new Keyword

The new keyword will be shown in the lower left corner of the article card.

Keyword was added

Add Keyword through Multiselect

You can also add a keyword to many articles at the same time. Click multiselect to start selecting articles.

Add Keyword through Multiselect

When multiselect is active you can choose to either select all the articles through clicking the circle next to Select All, or select articles one at a time through clicking the circle in the top left corner of an article card.


Once you have selected some articles you can click n items selectedAdd/Edit Keywords and you can add and edit keywords in the same way as for a single article.

Add Keywords to Selected

Filter on Keywords

To filter on these keywords you can click the Filter button, and the available Keywords will appear. Click a keyword and all articles with that Keyword will be shown. If you click more than one keyword all the articles that has either of the keywords will be shown.

Filter on Keywords

Usage Example

You could perform a search inside a collection, or select one of the AI clusters, you can add a keyword on them. A quick example of this can be done with a search.

Add Keywords Search

Now you can click MultiselectSelect AllAdd/Edit KeywordsNew Keyword and add a new keyword.

Add Keywords Add Keywords Create

The articles selected are immediately tagged with the new keyword. And by selecting "Filter" you can quickly filter the articles according to the keyword of interest.

Filter Keywords

On the same manner, one can remove noisy articles.